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Skinny Tan fake tan products are made with natural tanning agents derived from seeds. They contain organic smoothing oil and firming guarana berries and have a beautiful coconut and caramel scent.

Skinny Tan is a natural spray solution, free from parabens and uses natural cellutive activities, making these very safe fake tan products. Skinny Tan products do not contain any animal products and they are not tested on animals, in fact Skinny Tan are a proud member of PETA.

Here are some top tips for applying Skinny Tan Safe Fake Tan Products:

1. Exfoliate your skin and then allow your skin to calm down for an hour or two before applying your fake tan

2. It's better to build a gradual tan by applying layers of fake tan over time, than choosing a fake tan that is too dark for your skin.

3. To maintain your fake tan, drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.

Here is our favourite range of Safe Fake Tan Products: Skinny Tan

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